Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 DNS' and Counting..

Hey Everyone!

Been a little while since my last blog post…I didn’t anticipate the gap between posts to be this great, but I also didn’t anticipate missing three triathlons because of my lingering injuries from my bike crash on May Fifth!

When I went down on my bike going about 25-30mph downhill, my left arm was extended outward and I came down on that shoulder. Immediately after the fall, I knew I had hurt my shoulder and I had a feeling in my upper back as if someone was digging their knuckles into me. Despite some serious pain, a torn-up kit, and a broken aero-bar, I had to ride on for another couple of hilly miles (at every hill, I got off and walked) in order to get to a place where my wife could pick me up. There was no way I would have been able to navigate her to my crash site and there was no way I would have been able to ride home (another 6 miles through Los Angeles?!).

A long story short…I sustained a couple of cracked ribs high-up under my left armpit which sends reverberating shock waves of pain down through my chest any time I use that left side. I also have a badly strained rotator cuff and possibly a few micro-tears. ROAD RASH ANYONE?! Up until last week my training has consisted of a ginger breast stroke, ZERO running, and low-medium effort on the bike trainer. I did ride part of the mountain stage in the Tour of California, which was fine going up because we were averaging probably 7mph, but terrible going back down!!

Due to my fall, I have missed three races in the heart of my season, including my favorite, Escape From Alcatraz. As someone who LOVES a good competition, it has been very difficult to watch these races go by. The unfortunate part about ribs is it takes TIME to heal and nothing else – whether they’re cracked, broken or bruised. I have two races at the end of this month that I’m hoping to be ready for, but as of now, NOT ready at all!

If I learned anything from my experience, it’s that helmets seriously save lives! I broke my helmet in several places that day and had I not been wearing it, I wouldn’t be blogging right now! WEAR YOUR HELMET!

Thanks for checking in and hopefully I’ll see you all out there SOON!

I’ll be posting the June GoHHGo Giveaway in a little while so get excited!!!



  1. Though we all try to keep the rubber side down, bike crashes are inevitable if you do this sport long enough. Go easy on those ribs, I hear there can be some bad and long-lasting complications if you try to do too much too soon. You've got plenty of time in this sport.

  2. Heal fast! I'm looking forward to doing some training with you.

  3. Dear henry,

    Good to have some news of you ! Damage for you to live this times after your bike accident. Take your time to recover well and for to return on training and on races too ! For me, my evoution race walking to triathlon was made the last week with my first transition in training. Now i'll prepare the 70.3 Ironman (70.3 Aix en Provence 25th Sept 2011). The 26th june, i made my second half marathon of the year after my marathon du Mont St Michel (29th may) made in race walking. I continue my training for this half marathon. Is it possible for you to send me some news and tips for to made a nicest preparation for this first 70.3 and for to share our triathlon experiences ?

    Take care of you Henry,