Friday, July 1, 2011

..And the Zico GoHHGo Giveaway goes to..!

After much deliberation from the GoHHGo panel of hardworking judges.. (they clearly need some Zico)

the winners are, BRANDON and NIKKI!!!

Brandon exclaimed, “Zico Pomberry is the Bomb! I use it after cycling.”

Nikki exclaimed, “PiƱa Tropicale is my fav. My favorite way to replenish is to throw a bottle in my freezer pre-run or pre-ride so when I’m done, it’s super cold! Living in Arizona, I need all the help I can get to cool down in this crazy summer heat!”

Congratulations!! Please come forward and claim your prize by emailing me your contact info at

Check back soon for yet another GoHHGo Giveaway!!

Happy tri-ing, talk soon.


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