Friday, September 21, 2012

5i50 Galveston

Back at it again!

I have a flight and a quick drive to yet another 5i50 triathlon in Galveston, Texas. Since the 2012 HyVee 5i50 Finale already went down, the potential points earned in Galveston this weekend will go towards the 2013 season. It’s the first opportunity to rack up points for next season and I’m all over it! My road to the 2013 HyVee Finale begins Sunday!

Don’t know much about the course or the competition, except that the bike course is a flat out-and-back stretch with a fair amount of cross-wind. I’m looking forward to debuting my new Skechers minimalist shoe, the GoBionics -- I think they weigh UNDER 5 ounces which is unheard of!

I have a traveling companion this trip, Sirius teammate, Chris Foster. The guy’s on fire this year and it’s been an eye-opening experience training with him. I’ve had a good training block as of late and I’ll be looking to extend my top-10 streak to 4 races in a row this weekend.

That’s all for now. Talk soon!


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