Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gen 2 Cobb Seat Review

Last season I switched bike saddles from ISM to CobbCycling. Working directly with John Cobb, he showed me that the ISM Adamo saddle was too wide for my hip size and it hindered my power output from my pedal stroke because my legs were pushed too far out wide. He outfitted my ride initially with the Cobb Plus saddle because it would provide pressure relief while at the same time remaining firm. When I race, I have a tendency to position myself on the nose of the saddle and it’s essential that I have adequate enough support up front to be able to maximize output.

Cobb Plus saddle
 That was a great Cobb starter saddle for me. When I saw their new Gen2 saddle come out, I had a feeling that was the right seat for me. It has a bit of a bowed front to it, that allows me to lock in the seat at a more level position while still maintaining the ability to ride off the front of it, because of the downward shape to the nose. 

The Gen2 saddle still allows for great pressure relief, in addition to a narrower elongated front that provides relief to the upper hamstrings. This new saddle also boasts a state-of-the-art convertible rear water system mount. In a nutshell it reduces the number of brackets, screws and clamps one would need for an ordinary mount system. It has also been wind-tunnel tested and proven to be the most aerodynamic mount system on the market.

Gen 2 saddle
If you haven’t tried out a Cobb saddle, there’s a major void in your cycling life. Get your hands on a saddle so you can understand first-hand why I’m writing this review. Cobb does more than simply manufacture a cool, supportive saddle.  They understand what cyclists need out of their saddles and are constantly reworking their technology to maximize our comfort and ability.

You can check out their saddles here. And for a quick review on the new Gen2 saddle from John Cobb, check that out here.

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