Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ran My Way to 7th at 5150 Giant Eagle

A quick report while in transit. This point to point race in Columbus, OH called for an excruciatingly early wake-up time, 3:40am, and mind you I was on West coast time!

The swim spread out pretty quickly and I was able to stay on the feet of a couple of swimmers. I made a push in the last 200m and exited 7th about 45 seconds back from the leader, Ben Collins. He would end up winning this race wire to wire.

I couldn’t find the power output on the bike to stay with the riders with whom I came out of the water. Alone again…getting pretty tired of this! I tried to stay as positive as possible knowing I’d get my chance for redemption on the run. 

Finally making it to T2 in downtown Columbus, I blew out of there and actually posted the fastest T2 split by 4 seconds. The only turn-around on the course was at about 2 miles and I could see I had moved into 9th and was bearing down on 2 more runners. Being fresh off a 70.3 in Wisconsin and this being my 3rd race in three weekends, I wasn’t sure how my legs would respond but they seemed to do just fine! I secured 8th within a mile and a half and caught 7th by mile 5. This was where I would eventually end up in 1:48:42 but for my run split I wasn’t finished! I knew there were a handful of very good runners in the field and I wanted to see where I stacked up on fatigued legs. I pressed on and was able to grab the 3rd fastest run split, missing 2nd by 3 seconds!

I have aspirations to race Boulder 70.3 this coming weekend for a fourth race in a row, but my body is hammered and my neck looks like I’m shedding a layer of skin I have so much chaffage. As you’re wondering, yes, I’m chasing points for HyVee. Boulder is the last opportunity and yet again, I’m on the cusp. The field is ridiculous so it would take the race of my life to make it happen, but I’m always up for a good challenge!

Thank you to my amazing sponsors for allowing this run of races to happen.  Support me by supporting my sponsors. It’s all cyclical, I promise! Skechers PerformanceShoes, Xterra Wetsuits, Rudy Project helmets and eyeware, DT Swiss wheels andhubs, Champion System custom apparel, Cobb Cycling saddles.

Thanks for reading, talk soon. -HH

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