Friday, July 6, 2012

5150 Aquaphor NYC Tri -- Bring it!

I think we're over Kansas right now en route to The Big Apple for the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon! This is easily one of my favorite races of the year! The swim is fast but grueling (especially when a barge goes by and kicks up a major wake which subsequently bounces off the adjacent wall and hits us again); the bike is deceptively tough with it's roley-poley-ness; and you can't get much better than a run thru Central Park!

Not sure about the field but being a popular triathlon, legit peeps are bound to show up! Training has been going well and I'll be ready to tough-out the expected hot and humid conditions on Sunday. I have to assume it won't be that bad since we jump in the water at 5:50! For those who aren't good with time zones, that's 2:50 my body's time! OUCH.

If you're interested in following the race live and you don't have a dinosaur phone, check out and download there athlete tracker app for both iPhone and Android. You can even "favorite" certain athletes to get more immediate splits during the race!

As usual, I'll post a report after! Let's get into it!


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