Friday, July 20, 2012

5i50 Muskoka?! Canada!

Back at it again, trying to pick up crucial 5i50 points! I’m en route to the inaugural Muskoka 5i50 Triathlon. Muskoka is known for its 70.3 race but has never held an Olympic race, let alone a 5i50. For the very few of you who have never traveled to Muskoka…it’s located about a 2 ½ hour drive north of Toronto. To answer your question, YES, I have a LONG day ahead of me!

As I said, I’m chasing those critical series points in order to snag a spot at the Hy-Vee finale on September 2nd. They have yet to produce a start list but I have to assume it will be competitive considering it’s the second to last race of the series before the August 6th cut-off date.

Training has been going well as of late. I’ve hit some hard swims with Team Sirius, as well as a number of solid BRICKs. It would be nice to ride that wave of momentum from the NYC Tri two weekends ago! According to the elevation readings, it looks like this is a pretty rolling course with no huge surprises.

I’ll be sure to put in an update immediately following the race. Thanks for checking in.

Let’s get into it! Talk soon.


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